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90' drama feature film

Summer 1982, as every year, Patrick, Martine and their 3 children take part in the International Rallye which settles this year at the Camping of Urbès near Mulhouse in France. 200 caravans and motor homes are expected from all over France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Patrick will be joined by his stepfamily, René and Denise, founders of the Rallye, as well as his father, Albert, accompanied by his new partner Marinette. During the first ball of the summer, Stéphane (12 years old), the eldest of his children, commits an irreparable act and brings the whole family into disgrace. Patrick, who has spent his whole life being loyal and fair, sees the honour of his family shaken by his young son. This event will bring to the surface the unspoken secrets of a family and reveal the father’s own inability to defend his dead mother’s honour. By exploring the mechanics of family disgrace through the foolishness of a child, Caravanes goes in search of the poetry of the world, the certainty that something will rise above us.




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