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Accompanied by Marion Guth, their producer, they keep drawing the public’s attention to rape as a weapon of war. Not just so that the audience will be moved before moving on, but so that attitudes, mentalities and even legislation will finally change.

Aude Dassonville, Télérama

"Films to change the world"

France, June 2019



What Little Nemo’s father had in common with the notable docus of recent years, from Rithy Panh’s The Missing Image to Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir, via Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud’s Persepolis and the Blies brothers’ Zero Impunity, is the approach. In the words of film historian Jacques Kermabon: “Figuring the unmentionable”

Didier Stiers, Le Soir

"Cinema: capturing trauma in images."

Belgium, March 2022


It seems to us that artists should never be a separate caste, disconnected from the real world. Just as art is always political, so is the artist.

Nicolas Blies & Stéphane Hueber-Blies, Land

"Open letter to the world of culture: the Blies brothers' plea for a cultural boycott (of Russia)"

Luxembourg, March 2022


18th March 2022

Everything is political, even animation. If animation is a powerful tool to access the world of the marvelous and the unusual, it also forces the locks of forbidden places, in addition to tackling taboo subjects.

André Lavoie, Le Devoir

"Looking for its audience in animation, and sometimes finding it."

Canada, November 2019


18th March 2022

Our goal is to question our collective responsibility and therefore the collective response we can provide; to make the words of victims and whistleblowers resonate in the public space but also to awaken the audience by making them aware of their ability to change things through active listening.

Nicolas Blies & Stéphane Huber-Blies, Mémoires (Edition Centre Primo Lévi)

N°75 "L’écoute agissante, premier pas vers l’impunité zéro."

France, June 2019

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